Our Services

MT International AB operate a network of highly qualified and professional translators.

All our translators at your service are well versed in their subjects and all translate into their mother tongues. By insisting on these standards we ensure you receive skilled, high quality translations.

Customised Glossaries

Many companies, especially those working with engineering, industry and technology, use specialized terminology. We make up individual glossaries for each of our customers and these are then used as essential reference material.


Quality always comes first. And even if you need your text yesterday, we do our utmost to deliver the very best translation possible.

We keep all your records in our data base. Handy to know should you need to refer back to something, or need your material updated.

Both Nigel Ford and Barbro Ford are members of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators.

Advertising Services

Over the years we have built up an international network to help us adapt advertising campaigns and other information material for local markets.

This enables us to ensure your message retains its impact and fits in with local culture, sense of humour, customs, religion, etc.

Translation Procedure

Once we receive confirmation of your order we select the best translator for the task. We like to maintain an open dialogue with the customer throughout the translation stage in case we might need to clarify a particular point.

Once the translation has been completed the translator reads through the text to see if any improvements can be made, checks spelling and grammar and carries out a final proof reading before your text is sent to you for approval.

Other Services

We can work in the format of your preference and assist with such matters as editing, linguistic improvements and copywriting.

When required, in legislative situations for example, we can provide authorized and stamped translations in any language you may need.